More about Saint Patrick, the Robo Vikes’ patron saint

The Robo Vikes had many saints to choose as their team patron saint, but ultimately ended up choosing St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers.


St. Patrick was born to a romanized family in Britain. He never actively practiced his faith even though his father was a deacon and grandfather a priest. At the age of 16, he was taken away from his father by Irish raiders and carried into slavery in Ireland where he spent six bleak years as a herdsman. During that time in captivity, St. Patrick learned to grow and cherish his faith. He claims that the Lord had mercy on his youth and ignorance, and gave him the opportunity to be forgiven of his sins and convert to Christianity. After having a dream that a ship was ready for him to escape his masters, he fled and found passage back to Britain where he was reunited with his family.

Although St. Patrick is well known for driving snakes out of Ireland, it is also known that he was an instrumental part in the initial construction of the Irish clay churches in the 5th century. St. Patrick has also been credited for teaching the Irish to build arches of lime mortar rather than dry masonry. It was because of these achievements that led him to be not only the patron saint of Ireland, but also the patron saint for engineers.

As his saint day passed on March 17th, the Robo Vikes were reminded of St. Patrick’s story. He was not stopped by his trials and tribulations but instead faced them with courage and intuitiveness, growing in his faith and virtue as he went. The Robo Vikes see St. Patrick as a role model, and they pray that he intercedes for their success this season.