We Want YOU!!!

As the year wraps up and the competition season has come to an end, I’d like to take a moment to share a little bit about Robotics and extend an invitation to ALL!
My name is Christina Cross and I’ve been fortunate enough to be a member of the Robotics team as well as a student in the Engineering class since my freshman year! In Robotics, I’ve further developed my leadership skills and have learned to operate machinery such as a lathe, a mill, a router; and I learned to weld! This year as a sophomore, I was honored to be able to serve as Head Fabricator and Pit Master for the team.
Robotics breaks barriers and attracts students with a wide variety of interests! Our team is comprised of photographers, videographers, journalists, artists, marketing specialists, programmers, designers, fabricators, and drivers. We have students that are inventive, artistic, construction savvy, and organized. Whatever your interests and skill sets are, we have a place for you! Many of our members are active and are involved in other groups. I personally love being in Robotics and being a Varsity Cheerleader! Our team boasts having students in theater, football, baseball, track, tennis, basketball and cheer amongst other activities. Our varied interests and backgrounds serve as a tremendous catalyst for invention! We learn invaluable life lessons and experience collective and individual growth.
Every year we recruit students and mentors by hosting events, through summer camps, and social media. Many of our members have also gone out to Nolan’s feeder schools and serve as mentors for junior high teams. We form community partnerships and visit local company events where we conduct presentations and demonstrations. We have been active in community outreach programs; and this year, we were also blessed to be able to adopt a special needs team.
While you may have seen us at an open house or around campus, please take a closer look and consider all that Robotics has to offer! Every year we have students graduate, and we are always looking for new members! Any of us are happy to speak with you, give you a tour of the shop, and brag about all that Robotics has in store for you!
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