Goodbye Seniors

The Seniors will be missed by everybody. They have helped everyone with their wisdom and encouragement. It is sad to see them go because most of them will not be able to show that wisdom to the students next year. But thanks to them we can now pass that information to others. Thanks to them we have learned how to work the machines, how to CAD, and they help us when we don’t know what to do. So because of them we are closer to our futures.  So thank you and we hope you have a great time in college.

Alejandro Alejandro Araujo has been a Robo Vike for the past 4 years.  He began as a shop assistant as a freshman. As a sophomore he was president of the FIRST Tech Challenge Team and a project co-lead for the FIRST Robotics Competition Team.  His junior and senior years he served as president of the team, overseeing both the construction of the robot and managing business and marketing. What he will miss most is working on the robot late into the night with his friends.  His favorite memory was winning the Dallas Regional in 2017. He will be attending the University of Texas at Arlington to study mechanical engineering but he plans on returning to the Robo Vikes as a mentor.

Jesus Jesus Barragan joined robotics when he was a junior. He spent two years on the team. He was always an assistant ready to help get what was needed, whether is was helping get tools from the shop or making a few spacers. He learned no matter the result, one must be proud for the effort, collaboration and work that was put into the robot. He plans to attend the University of Texas in Arlington where he plans to major in Mechanical Engineering.

Victoria Victoria Benkowski has been part of the Robo Vikes for two years. She joined her junior year as team media and a Chairman’s presenter. Her senior year, she continued with team media and the Chairman’s presentation, but this time, was the Chairman’s Lead.  She greatly enjoyed her time on Team 4206 and will attend Purdue University next year to major in physics.

Roddy Roddy Chisholm will attend Texas Tech and will major in engineering although he don’t know what kind right now. He’s been involved on the team for about 2 years now doing different things, he started doing FTC in the beginning with a few other team members and then afterwards tried to help in FRC any way he could.  He favorite memory in Robo Vikes was mentoring a FLL team for the school Daggett Montessori because it was a lot of fun seeing the kids come up with different ideas and solving problems while he helped them along the way.

Aramis Aramis Contreras joined the Robo Vikes at the beginning of his senior year. He had always been interested in engineering by first taking the Intro to Engineering class his junior year, through his in class assignments and friends in the Robo Vikes program he made his decision to join the following year. After joining he started with small task by helping in any possible, whether it was gathering tools from the shop or manufacturing parts. He came to enjoy the manufacturing and getting his hands dirty in the shop and came to learn what it meant to collaborate and be part of a larger team. Aramis plans on attending the University of Texas in Arlington where he intends on majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

Carson Carson FitzGibbon was a Robo Vike for two years, starting my junior year. He started asking what the team needed, and fell into programming. The next year, he added control systems to his resume. He plans to attend Texas A&M University in Galveston.

acob Jacob Hernandez joined the robotics program at the beginning of his senior year. He recently acquired an interest in engineering and decided to join the program. While on the team, Jacob was never afraid to do any task he was assigned. In fact, he was eager to learn about the different machines and really enjoyed working on the lathe by the end of the season. Jacob will attend Texas A&M and pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Gabriel Gabriel Le has been a Robo Vike since his sophomore year.  This year he made great strides by helping with fabrication and assembly.  He plans to attend Tarleton State.

Raphael Raphael Le has been a Robo Vike since his sophomore year as well.  Last season, he and Nate succeeded in making the first ball feeder in the history of our team.  Raphael was an improtant part of the fabrication and assembly team this season.  He plans to attend Tarleton State.

Dan Luong Dan Luong has been a Robo Vike for one year and has been very involved. He has done manufacturing and assembly throughout the course of the year. He will be attending Texas A&M University to study Computer Engineering.  

5600ba4d-dcd7-4596-959e-6c4596e45c5b Matty Munro has been a member of the Robo Vikes for one year.  He will be attending TCU.

julia Julia Murray has been a member of the Robo Vikes for two years. She began her time on the team learning CAD, but soon found her calling in organization and writing. She helped the team organize their online files and created a system for scouting at competitions her junior year, and then became head of the newsletter, The Blue Wire, her senior year. She enjoys helping the team spread their message and tell their stories to The Blue Wire subscribers, and wishes the best to the team as she bids them goodbye. She will be attending Texas Christian University in the fall as part of the honors college to study political science with emphasis in international relations, and she also plans to join drumline in the marching band.

Matthew Matthew Ross has been on the team for three years. He worked in many positions within the business half of the team, including outreach manager, fundraiser, marketer, newsletter writer, event manager, accountant, Chairman’s presenter, Chairman’s lead, business lead, and business plan author. However, that hasn’t stopped him from being involved with the robot – he loves strategy meetings, has been involved with manufacturing, has helped manage control systems, assisted with building mock game pieces, and taught himself how to code. Next year he will be studying abroad as a part of the Goethe Institut Studienbrücke Deutschland/Study Bridge Germany program in Germany, where he plans on later attending university.

Nate Nate Schmidt has been apart of the Robo Vikes for two years. He started his junior year where he worked in the shop making parts, learning how to use machines such as the mill and lathe. His senior year he was lead of the design of the robot, overseeing and leading students through the design process. What he enjoys most is working hard with his friends and getting to see something really cool that they have built all come together at the end. Next year he will be attending the University of Arkansas where he plans to study mechanical engineering.