Sponsor Spotlight-Variosystems


Variosystems is an international electronics service company which specializes in electronic boards. They serve all around the globe with locations including China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and the USA. Additionally, Variosystems is environmentally conscious and are strongly committed to environmental protection in accordance with ISO 14001. The Robo Vikes became acquaintances with this company through one of the members Julian Ermish, his father Peter Ermish, a manager of the company.

Team 4206 was given the opportunity to present to Variosystems during a company events. The Robo Vike’s marketing team presented about what it means to be a Robo Vike. Variosystems had similar views about our core message and thus were willing to back us.

Due to the interest in our program, they donated equipment and financial support that would help foster growth of the team. Team 4206 appreciates all that Variosystems has done to help foster growth and we look forward to our partnership with them.