IDEA Building

The Robo Vikes success and growth is remarkable considering the team has been operating out of two classrooms, in which to do work contain the team’s machinery and hold the team’s storage. In order to be competitive with the best teams in the world the team needs more space for manufacturing, assembly and practice. That need is about to be fulfilled with the new IDEA building. IDEA stands for “Integrated Design of Engineering and Arts”. The IDEA building is scheduled to be completed in January 2020.

Building design:

The main building will be two stories tall and made of glass. One section of the building will be a multipurpose area the size of a gym, which will have bleachers for competitions and performances. This building will overlook the football field and the city of Fort Worth, and will have an amphitheater, engineering classroom, a design space, and a wood and metal shop – all on the first floor. The upper floor will be dedicated to visual art classes. This floor will have classrooms for students to learn the fundamentals of 2-D and computer aided (3-D) design, as well as a space for students to draft  these designs before bringing them to life. Finally, there will be a small, third floor terrace that also overlooks the city.


This building will support our arts and engineering courses by giving us, the students, more space to hold competitions and galleries, in addition to supplying the resources needed to continue to stretch our imaginations in STEM. It will give our technology classes the opportunity to cooperate more closely with the arts, bringing us to the intersection of innovation and creativity. There is no greater need for our young minds than this – the current technological landscape demands that innovation and creativity come together now, more than ever.   

Mrs. Rios thoughts:

“Listening to the students and paying attention to the needs of the students (is what we are striving to do). We allow space for them to compete at a competitive (state) level. This gives us the opportunity to incorporate our technologies to the arts and be a central technologies facility to serve the whole campus. We hope to incorporate all of our math and science into technologies.”