Mentor Spotlight

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The Alma Matter of Mr. Blair

Mr. Blair is the new programming mentor for the Robo Vikes. He became our new mentor after his participation with the team at the STEM Gals Competition. Mr. Blair has been a positive influence in helping our programmer, Brennan Chan, by providing new insights that further the efficiency and creativity of the coding.

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Pier 1 Imports retailer

Mr. Blair currently works at Pier 1 imports as the head computer programmer. He is well versed in a variety of programming languages such as Java. In addition, he has exponential knowledge on how operating systems work on a computer. He attended UCLA and graduated with an M.D in economics.  Mr. Blair is married to Vivian Blair and has a daughter named Maggie. Mr. Blair loves to spend time with his family and is a great family man. He is a fun and outgoing person who shows compassion and understanding to everyone he meets. Lastly, he has a very unique laugh that is very contagious.