The Marketing Team

The Robo Vikes market their team to self-fund the program



The marketing team (pictured above) is ready to advance the funding of the Robo Vikes community.


Most people outside of the Robo Vikes don’t realize that the team raises their own funds to pay for the more than $40,000 budget for the team. They have their own marketing group to go out to companies and raise funds for the team. The marketing team is starting a new push for the up-and-coming season. The team’s role is important, as its members are the primary means of generating publicity and income for the team. Students on the marketing team learn to make important corporate calls and emails. These interactions are great learning opportunities, as we gain experience interacting with the business men and women in the industry. The other members on the marketing team are Adrianna Araujo, John Conlin, Peter Granados, and Christina Cross.




The John Conlin

John Conlin updating our CRM package.

The turnover of students due to graduation and the number of contact with outside companies makes keeping track of all of the activities a major challenge. The team has adopted a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package. This package allows the students to track their interactions with over 270 companies. Through the companies’ donations and sponsorships, the Robo Vikes are able to purchase and utilize the materials necessary to maintain our thriving program.

Current Activity

The marketing team is still searching for more sponsorships and donations. If you know a company or person that would be interested, please email me at To our new sponsors, thank you for your support! We hope to establish and continue a positive relationship in the coming years, working for a common mission. To our returning sponsors, thank you for the encouragement and belief you show in our program year-in and year-out! We hope to continue to make you proud.


Luke Tompkins enjoys his new role on the Robotics Team.