Coach’s Corner

We are at the end of the build season for 2019 and what an action packed and exciting six weeks it has been.

Our team,under the guidance of mentors Mike Crance, Kevin LaPerriere and Chris Eggleston, have manufactured the most sophisticated robot our program has ever built.  The students have been working late nights,often past 10:00 pm.  Our seniors Will and Ryan Bice have been working hard to CAD the designs put together by our team. Connor Fitzgibbon leads students in fabricating parts. Adrianna Araujo has been assisting with CAD, fabrication and assembly. John Conlin has led a team that includes Will Birbeck, Alexandra Alvarado, Brenden Ewert, Gabriel Socha, Luke Tompkins, and Edson Omana with preparing to submit our Chairmen’s entry. Peter Granados, Drake Varga, Joseph Stranczek, Jordan Schwartz and others have helped in fabrication and assembly.  Julian Ermish, Brandon Yu, Michael Enuke, Maggie Blair, David Capps, Will Birbeck, and Cam Kitowski have been assisting with assembly.  The team goal is to have two working robots, one to bag for competition and the other to use to practice driving and playing the game with.  Mentor James Blair has been working with students Brennan Chan and Matthew Vu to program the robot.  Erik Cura and John Conover have been working on the electronics and pneumatics. 

Thank you to our wonderful parents who have volunteered to bring meals and have spent many hours supervising and/or allowing their children to stay and pursue their passion as part of our team.  A special thank you to Julia Ermish and Claudia Morales for helping with supervising meal and supervision sign-up.  Thank you to Suzie Fitzgibbon for heading up our Robo Vike apparel for this season.  Student Maggie Blair designed both the game t-shirt for this season as well as the locker decorations.  Thank you to Vivian Blair for coordinating the locker decorations.

Some of ourteam will travel to the Fort Worth History and Science Museum on February 20 topromote S.T.E.M. for Engineering Week. There will be over 800 elementary school students at the museum thatday. 

February has been an exciting month.  We look forward to an even more exciting March as we go to completion in Plano on March 14-16 and in Dallas on March 29-31.  Go Robo Vikes!

Running the mill
Prototype for our hatch grabber

Building the bumpers