Mentor Spotlight: Dr. Gilberto Morales

Mr. Morales is a mentor of the Robo Vikes family, he aids with manufacturing and anything team members are working on. He thinks that the team really improved this year, and that we should be successful at our district competitions. Mr. Morales attended The University of El Paso (UTEP) and graduated with a doctorate in Engineering at UTA. Mr. Morales has been a powerful moving force when it comes to getting things done, and has many great ideas. Mr. Morales has helped many team members on parts, and assembly.

Currently Mr. Morales works as a Mechanical Engineer at Bell Helicopter, and coaches multiple FLL teams at Saint Maria Goretti (SMG), Mr. & Mrs. Morales both aid each other in running their FLL teams. Mr. and Mrs. Morales have 3 children. Oscar, their youngest son, is a two year member who, with the help of Mr. Morales and other mentors is surely setting up to become a hard worker this season and for the rest of his seasons on the Robo Vikes. The team are all thankful for what Mr. Morales has brought to the team helping us think logically, and for always being a helping hand when in need.  We thank Mr. Morales for the time he has devoted for the team.