The Robo Vikes need your help!


Team 9256, The Robot Bison

The Robo Vikes are looking into expanding their outreach beyond Nolan’s feeder schools.  We were inspired by FTC team 9256, The Robo Bison from Sunset High School in Dallas, that started a robotics team for individuals with special needs.  The Robo Vikes are interested in doing something similar.  This is just one of the outreach projects we are currently working on.  We are interested into buying some extra Lego Mindstorm kits ($379.95 for the core set and $99.95 for the expansion set) and a couple of the Tetrix R/C  starter sets (for $329 each set) to donate to organizations we would like to bring engineering and STEM education to. We want these kits because they are a great introduction to engineering.  They are simple and do not require any machining but still require problem solving skills.  Along with that, they come with their own control systems and are relatively easy to program.  Unfortunately with build season coming up, we do not have the funds in our budget to buy them.  We are appealing to our supporters, to consider helping our team out with purchasing these kits to support our outreach.  No donation is too small, anything helps!_dsc0750

Thank you for reading this article, supporting our teams, and  considering our request!

Alejandro Araujo

President, Team 4206 The Robo Vikes